Argon Lasers

A wide variety of argon laser products.

In early 2002 the founders of Modu-Laser observed a number of argon ion laser market needs which were not being met by existing ion laser manufactures. Later that year Modu-Laser was established with the desire to satisfy these market needs.

One of Modu-Laser’s initial goals was to provide the ion laser market with quality argon ion lasers in a timely and cost effective manner. Since then Modu-Laser has been leading the industry in laser delivery times with a standard lead time of 2 – 3 weeks.

Another Modu-Laser goal has been to offer customized ion laser solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of OEM manufacturers. Modu-Laser has been very successful in realizing this goal by providing a number of OEM manufacturers with individually customized laser solutions.

Customize your laser
We provide custom laser solutions to meet your specific needs. We understand the need for a specific laser depending on your project so we take pride in our customizable options.

All-in-one Argon Laser Systems
Modu-Laser's All-In-One "Stellar" series argon lasers offer smaller package sizes and smaller footprints than typical argon laser systems.

Standard Argon Laser Heads
Modu-Laser's Aries series argon laser systems provide a drop in solution for many applications currently using Spectra-Physics™

Product Accessories and Options
Modu-Laser’s various accessories enable you to optimize the use of your laser.